Articulate Austin


Articulate Austin is a choreographic development platform in its second season, led by Esther Bramlett and Devon Adams.


developing local choreographers

We see a need to challenge ourselves and our peers to create dance that reflects an intelligent, thoughtful, and fearless approach to choreography. Through a rigorous series of reviews, rounds of editing, and culminating performances, we are building a powerful environment for the development of dance artists.

A key function in this process is the invitation of meaningful criticism from the community, including peers, established choreographers, dance writers, and audiences at large. In service of this goal, we need to empower audiences to participate in the process of conversing critically with each other and with artists about the work that they see. 

empowering local dance audiences

This program seeks to generate investment in dance in the Austin community--not just as a performance-based but as a process-based art form, with the understanding that all art is informed by its individual creators, performers, and audience.

By creating a safe structure for audiences to contribute to the development and criticism of work within the series, we hope to build a much-needed framework for communication and thoughtful critique in the dance community as a whole. Through the establishment of an inclusive platform for fearless development of both audiences and dance artists, we see Articulate as a long-term part of the ongoing growth of the Austin performing arts community.

We make the dance. You bring your thoughts. Together, our community grows and improves.

We'd love for you to attend a showing, show up at our fundraiser, and come to our final performance! When you come, be prepared to think about what you're seeing--no dance experience required. We are interested in the questions you have, ideas for improvement, and the space between what we create and what you receive.