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Choreographers: Apply Now for Articulate Austin’s 2019 Season


articulate’s mission

Articulate Austin supports the growth of local contemporary choreographers by creating a structured and challenging environment for the development of dance artists.  Articulate provides resources and invites critical response from established choreographers and mentors in the community to challenge our participants. We support our community at large by making dance accessible and inclusive, and generate community investment in local dance, specifically in the creation of process-based dance. Articulate leads with the understanding that all art is informed by its individual creators, performers, and audience, and seeks to build a framework that supports the connected growth of both artists and audiences.

what articulate austin provides for choreographers

  •   Rehearsal Space: 2 hrs/week per choreographer each week for a period of approximately 6 months

  •    Production costs for three informal development showings and one culminating weekend of formal performances, including promotion, theatre costs, professional lighting design, stage management, and a costume stipend

  • Contracted pay for dancers

  • Contracted pay for choreographers

  • Professional Photography and Videography of process and performance

expectations for choreographers

  1. Choreographer will create a live contemporary dance piece over a period of approximately six months.

  • Dance piece requirements: must feature between one and three dancers, to be selected through an audition by the Choreographer (some sharing of dancers may be required).

  • Final piece must be no shorter than 12 minutes and no longer than 20 minutes in length.

2. Choreographer must have a special interest in seeking and receiving feedback on your work on an ongoing basis throughout this process. This program includes three informal showings during which choreographers will be expected to actively engage with audience members in a feedback setting.

3. Choreographer must be willing to participate in social media promotion of your work and Articulate Austin’s showings, via periodic video interviews, semi-regular documentation of rehearsal, and sharing clips of your process (typically one-four times/month).

4. Choreographer will teach one hour-long class/ week, to be held immediately before your rehearsal time, to provide a warm-up for your dancers and create an open door to the community to attend your class. The content of this class is up to you, but it should be structured such that it prepares you and the dancers to make the most of your rehearsal time physically.

5. Choreographer must be willing to produce at least 80% of their work by work by the date of Articulate’s second feedback showing (halfway through to process) in order to give themselves ample time to edit their work.

6. Availability for important dates. Participation in Articulate Austin requires mandatory attendance at all showings, rehearsals, and auditions. Please note the following important dates before applying:

March 3, 2019: Auditions

April 14, 2019: First Showing

June 2, 2019: Second Showing

July 14, 2019: Third Showing

September 10-12, 2019: Tech Week

September 13-15, 2019: Final Performances

7. Eligibility: all contemporary/modern dance choreographers who reside and primarily create work in the Austin area are welcome to apply, regardless of whether you are a seasoned choreographer or less experienced. Selection is based on the strength of the written proposal, answers to application questions, and video excerpts. Please be clear on why this program will specifically benefit your artistic growth at this time.

Articulate Austin 2019 Choreographer Application

Instructions: Please complete the application below and submit your $10 application fee via the button at the bottom.

Applications open January 1- January 30th. You will be notified by February 15th.

Questions? Check out our FAQ’s or contact us!

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Please know that your completed piece must have one-three dancers and must be a minimum of 12 minutes long and a maximum of 20 minutes long.
Please be specific in how you intend to challenge yourself and be challenged.
Are you willing to generously commit to this collective production process, including actively seeking and graciously receiving feedback on your work, and constructively giving feedback on the works of other Articulate Artists? *